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Behind My Wings. Arrived March 15, 2017


 Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 motivated me to write my memoirs of Vietnam and to tell the stories of our military and their private battles. As an eyewitness to history, I bring to light the stories of forgotten vets. 


40 Years in the airlines industry.

Love affaires with soldiers on layovers tempered the heaviness and sadness I felt at that time. As our lives intersected, each soldier we left in Vietnam made an indelible imprint on my life and the lives of other stewardesses. 


Behind My Wings

Untold stories of Vietnam Veterans From the eyes of a MAC Stewardess 

Vietnam 1969-1971


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BJ  has  spoken  in over  100+  venues and  her  schedule  for  2019 has  her  up  and  running.

Her  travels  has  her  going  back  to  Wisconsin for  a  seventh and  eighth time 

She  has  spoken  to  high  schoolers both  mixed   and  girls  only  venues.

A  highlight for  2018  was  being  in  a  Veterans Day  parade and  riding  in  a  Vietnam War  Jeep..  

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BJ, I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your book.The members of our group really enjoyed your presentation and it brought back memories of my time in Vietnam. Keep up your good work and thank you for what you did and the care that you showed our soldiers on your flights.

Warm regards, Bill Staton

Chief Warrant Officer,

U.S. Army Retired Vietnam 1969-1970



I am just starting the book.  My husband snatched it away from me when it arrived.  He was so excited about the read, he kept trying to tell me everything he was reading.  I finally had to tell him to stop so I can read it myself.  He really enjoyed it.  He was there in 65 or 66?  Tell BJ good job!!!"


"Great description BJ that is where I was stationed on a gunboat. The only good part of DaNang was the White Elephant and China Beach."


 "I couldn't put it down.   Russ and I both enjoyed the book. It really gave us an appreciation for what our troops had to go through."


Dear Flying Angel BJ,

Thank you for just a powerful story about myself. It really hit a home run..

 We all cried. It took a while to get through it. As you know telling people about Nam can never be the same as being there. As we landed in Nam we were on the ground, small arms fire, ran to the terminal floor which we laid there for two hours. Welcome to Nam.

The scars of my memory never go away.

Michael Langan

Thank you BJ for taking the time and effort to write about my Vietnam experience. After telling my Vietnam story ,  it brought healing and restoration not only for me, but also for my family. I am blessed to have such an awesome wife who has supported me through everything. To my children whom I love dearly, thanks for loving your dad as much as you do. It has meant the world to me. To my precious and strong grandchildren, loving you is a legacy that I cherish now and eternally.

David Stark



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MARCH 16, 2017

books can also be found though Amazon and locally in North Texas at:

Holy Grounds

 (coffee and gift store)

336 S. Main Street



The National Vietnam War Museum

12685 Mineral Wells Hwy.

(US Hwy 180)

940 325-4003

EAA Museum Gift Shop

Oshjosh, WI

Military  Veterans  Museum

4300  Poberezny  Rd.

Oshkosh,  Wi

Vietnam Memorial Museum Gift Store

Angel Fire, NM

River Oaks Bookstore

3270 Westheimer Rd.

Houston, Tx

American Legion Post 379

Bedford, Tx

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