About BJ Elliott Prior


Betty Jo Elliott, known by BJ during her flying career....

After 40 years of flying for Continental Airlines the passion grew to share the stories of flying Vietnam soldiers in and out of the war-zones. 

BJ and her husband of 43 years reside in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area where they are active in church, lead home Bible Home  Group.  

She  has hosted a writer's group, led by Professor George Yancey, Sociology Professor at the University of Texas, author of many books

and  a Senior Contributor to Stream .org

Her love for God and others has led to many divine encounters.

My purpose and desire is to bring healing to those affected by the war, whether by wounds of the heart, body or spirit,

 so that they may know the true healer Jesus, and there may be scars no more.

 She attends a monthly retired flight-attendants group called the Golden Penguins.

What is important to BJ is God, family, her country and Vietnam Vets


First book

Behind My Wings


What's ahead?

The horizon looks good for more books from BJ and her Co-Author and friend Linda Coombs Wiese which will include children's books. A time table will be announced at a later date, so Fasten Your Seatbelts.